Babymodo – A Week Of Maternity Mayhem

the_baby_snuggieMost Gizmodians should be aware by now that Giz Oz editor Nick Broughall and wife brought a baby boy into the world on Friday (that’s not them in the picture) and that I, Chris Oaten, will be performing as ring-in editor for a couple of weeks while Nick and the gang adjust to being a young family. If you didn’t already know that, now you do. Of course, those of us already on the path of parenthood know that two weeks is not nearly enough. Try two decades, mate.

In any case, in honour of such an auspicious event, Gizmodo will for the rest of the week be running a focus on technology for the newborn and not so newly born. The weird, the wonderful, and possibly even the useful (the tech, that is, not the newborn). To kick it off, let’s go with something utterly ridiculous.

You’ve seen the ads for the Snuggie, right? The blanket you wear? To the football, even? Well, why should such a high player in the fashion stakes be restricted to the elderly or the style-challenged? There’s a maternity version. Yep, now mums can look like they handed in their pride at the same time as the right to an unbroken sleep.

For further details on the wonderfully named Peekaru, head on over to Babble. And just to make sure I don’t end up on the scrap heap of life… please, please don’t send one in for the baby shower.

In related maternity madness, check out the Babykeeper 3-in-1 Hip Carrier. According to the product’s web site: “The Babykeeper 3-in-1 is the only infant carrier that also functions as a portable seat for public restrooms…”. Eew. We think they could have put a little more thought into the wording of that.

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