So Banks Around The World Think It’s 2016 Too? This Can’t Be A Coincidence…

 title=When Windows Mobile started sending SMS messages from the future the other day, it was a relatively harmless glitch. But as multiple news outlets are reporting, both the Bank of Queensland and Bankwest are suffering the same glitch, and it’s actually hurting businesses.

The glitch – which according to the SMH is also affecting banks around the world – is costing customers who use Bank of Queensland and Bankwest EFTPOS terminals business. Essentially when processing an EFTPOS payment, the bank sees the 2016 date and rejects it, meaning the retailer can’t receive EFTPOS payments.

While the glitch is obviously hard on business owners, it really is an intriguing bug. I mean, why 2016? I guess a badly handwritten ‘0’ can look like a ‘6’, but there’s very little handwriting involved with EFTPOS payments.

And the whole fact that Winmo had the same glitch seems a little too familiar to be a coincidence. Can anyone with some real technical EFTPOS expertise offer any suggestions as to why this is happening? Failing that, anyone got any good conspiracy theories?