iPrimus To Offer NBN Services In Tasmania Mid-Year

 title=While the rest of the country sits back and waits for the NBN to be built and 100Mbps broadband to be delivered to our front door, iPrimus is busy telling the world that they’re anticipating to start selling services using the NBN in Tasmania from the middle of the year.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but just knowing that Tasmanians will be able to get super-fast internet from the middle of the year makes moving to Tassie so much more appealing a prospect.

…Primus CEO Ravi Bhatia demonstrates new generation services at NBN launch event in Tasmania…

Primus Telecom today announced its partnership with NBN Co Tasmania and its participation in the proof of concept launch of the National Broadband Network in Tasmania, held today in Mornington, Tasmania. At the event, Senator Stephen Conroy referred to Primus Telecom as one of the first service providers to be NBN ready.

Primus CEO Ravi Bhatia stated: “We are thrilled to be partnering with NBN Co to provide state-of-the-art communications in Tasmania. This proof of concept really demonstrates the capabilities of the new generation high-speed fibre network and gives everyone the opportunity to see the potential of services that can be provided over the new the FTTH network. It’s a proud moment for Primus that we are one of the first NBN ready service providers.”

Today’s event showcased the working technology of the Tasmanian NBN fibre to the home network and announced the RSP’s (Retail Service Providers) that are partnering with NBN Co Tasmania to provide end-user services. Primus’ demonstration included examples of real-world performance of the new network, via multiple consumer and corporate services and products, including High-Definition video, movies on demand, streaming ABC i-View and advanced corporate voice offerings, including Primus Telecom’s new global Accella VoIP product.

Bhatia continued: “This showcase has demonstrated that Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) services are close to being a reality for Australia, bringing the next generation of internet services to homes and businesses across the country and there is a huge opportunity for customers to receive an internet experience of the future, containing richer media, high-definition video, as well as Internet Television (IPTV) and other advanced services, which we are ready to deliver today.”

“The availability of reliable bi-directional true 100 Mbps services will lead to the development of new skills, creation of new service industries and hundreds of new high-tech high paying jobs in Tasmania. In the future, Tasmania may very well become known as the Smart Isle instead of the Apple Isle,” continued Bhatia.

It is anticipated that customers in Tasmania will be able to order FTTH services mid this year, as the National Broadband Network takes shape around the country.

iPrimus General Manager, Marketing & Products, Andrew Sims said: “Over the coming months iPrimus will be developing a new range of products and services for FTTH customers, as well as working towards the next generation of offerings, based on the higher speeds customers will have available to them.”

Fibre based services join the growing list of services Primus Telecom offers customers, from consumer customers through to large corporate customers, adding to its nationwide broadband network, providing high-speed broadband to customers nationwide.