NineMSN Launches Fixplay Catch Up TV Service

 title=Looks like Channel 9 has finally awoken from its stupor in regards to online video and launched Fixplay, an online video portal aimed at taking on Yahoo!7 Plus and ABC iView.

Although the press release says that the site can be found at, at the time of writing I was getting DNS errors all over the place, although I did manage to find the site here.

There’s a pretty wide selection of Channel 9 TV shows available, including V, Underbelly, Fringe, Big Bang Theory and Cold Case, plus some stuff from Go! and back catalogue content from McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol.

But the most interesting part of the service is the deal with BBC Worldwide, which makes back catalogue episodes of Doctor Who, Little Britain, Spooks, Torchwood and Hotel Babylon available. It will be interesting to see whether or not this impacts ABC iView at all.

It’s still too early to judge, but at least Channel 9 are now playing in this particular sandbox. Now all we need is an all-in-one site for all the TV networks, like Hulu…