The Motherboard Of All Stained Glass Windows

 title=What does one do with piles of leftover motherboards? Well, if you happen to have a talented stonemason friend like Agg on the Overclockers AU forum, you donate them so they can be reworked into an awesome stained glass window.

The window itself is the creation of Dan Beville from Beville Brothers Stonemasons. Titled “Conscience and Temptation“, it discretely plays out the old-fashioned “good vs evil” theme of red against blue using different coloured motherboards that Dan collected from Agg and various computer stores.

Dan, who claims he’s a bit of a technical illiterate, saw some of the motherboards used in the artwork sitting at Agg’s house one day and decided to try and make them into an artwork. He cut the surrounding stone in about five to six hours, then spent about a month working nights to complete the piece. Once he’d used up the motherboards Agg had given him, he started scouring computer shops for old motherboards, as well as heading down to the tip to try and find trashed components in old computers.

As you can see, the end result is awesome. Dan has already begun working on his next piece – a portrait of his favourite Blues artist, Big Bill Brunsey, and hopes to one day create enough pieces using old motherboards and PC hardware to hold an exhibition.

At the moment, Conscience and Temptation is mounted in Dan’s home, but he admitted that he would be prepared to sell it for the right price. If you’re interested (and you should be), you can find his contact details on the Beville Brothers website below.

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