Vodafone And 3 Throwing An iPhone 4 Par-tay!

VHA has just announced its midnight iPhone 4 launch details for Vodafone and 3, and given the weather in Sydney at the moment, it sounds a lot more appealing than spending a few hours queued up in the rain.

Rather than make customers queue up in the cold, the flagship 3 and Vodafone Store on George street in Sydney will open at 10pm, when customers can register to buy the new phone. Each customer who registers will be given a number and then escorted to the Ivy hotel, where they can enjoy a private party with food, drinks and entertainment.

At midnight, VHA will start calling out the numbers chronologically, and customers will be returned to the Voda store where they can complete their iPhone 4 purchase.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be at least 18 to be eligible to get into the swank that is The Ivy, but otherwise, this sounds a lot more fun than standing in the rain. Plus, the party will kick on until 3am, so if you’re not planning on working on Friday, it could be a fun night out…