A Brief Crowdsourced History Of Time Travel

What do you get when you cross a large crowd of geeks, Google Docs and a rather too familiar Police Box?

(Picture Credit: Andrew Wong)

Aside from an incurable fetish for all things gadgety, I’m also a rather tragic case when it comes to all things Doctor Who. As such, there was no way I was going to edit Gizmodo for a week and not mention my favourite time lord. Luckily for me, an easy source of relevant info popped up on my radar last night; a crowdsourced, Google Docs based document originating from The Guardian that documents every single time travel trip taken throughout the series.

That’s an exceptional feat of work, given that the series has run for forty-seven years and crossed thousands of time zones. Which is why it was farmed out to an army of keen Who fans to produce the raw data. It’s a followup work to a history of time travel undertaken by everyone fictional who isn’t a time lord, a much smaller endeavour that you can see in all its glory here.

It probably should go without saying, but if you’ve not watched every single episode over forty-seven years, the spreadsheet contains what could be deemed spoilers.

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