Am I The Only One Creeped Out By What’s Happening To This Flash Drive?

LaCie’s told us how much the new MosKeyto drives will cost locally — $24.99 for 4GB and $44.99 for 8GB — as well as creeping me out for the rest of the day.
The image above is designed to sell LaCie’s latest run of really tiny USB Flash drives, dubbed the MosKeyto range, hence the use of an actual insect in the product marketing shot. But is it sucking blood from the flash drive? Trying somehow to mate with it? I shudder to think to either way.

For folks who just want the raw data, at 21x16x10mm and 10g the MosKeyto is about as small as the USB receivers you get with many wireless mice — which will inevitably mean that it’s rather easy to lose — and comes in 4GB ($24.99) and 8GB ($44.99) capacities. The local press release also makes mention of a 16GB MosKeyto, but no pricing information was provided for that model. All models also offer 4GB of online storage through LaCie’s online storage repository Wuala.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to shudder uncontrollably.