Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Sure, Apple did release a whole new wave of shiny products, but other things happened too. Let’s get Apple out of the way first…

The Complete Guide To The New iPod Touch
OK, my first-gen Touch is officially starting to look dated.

The New Apple TV
Smaller, lighter, much less powerful. Huh?

The New Multitouch iPod Nano (And How You Use It)
Exit camera, enter touchy-feely.

The New iPod Shuffle (And Its Buttons!)
People like buttons, says Steve Jobs. Except on the iPhone.

Sure, I’d Love A $US700 Stainless Steel Stealth Military Keyboard
Wouldn’t there be problems seeing keys on a stealth keyboard?

Don’t Worry, Deep-Fried Beer Is On Its Way
My liver and arteries are waving the white flag already.

You Can Blend A Lot Of Things In A Blendtec, But Not Keys
At last! A solution for those tricky times when you lock your keys in your blender.