Huawei To Launch Cheap Froyo Powered IDEOS Smartphone

 title=Most budget-minded Android handsets are super-affordable, but also super-frustrating in the fact they tend to run older versions of Android (a problem some premium handsets suffer as well). That’s why it’s nice to see Huawei step up to the plate and offer a decently specced, affordable smartphone under their new IDEOS brand.

The phone, which are expected to cost between $US100 and $US200 will run Froyo, feature a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, 3.2MP camera, brightness, proximity and accelerometer sensors built in, and MicroSD storage. The screen will only be 320×240, but the phone is going to be cheap…

The phone will run on 900/2100MHz HSPA, so it’s probably not going to go straight to Telstra (although I wouldn’t rule out an 850MHz version in the future). There’s no more hardware details – like what kind of processor this thing is running – but I’m sure those details will come out soon.

There’s no Aussie pricing or release details yet, other than to say that Huawei are in talks with Aussie Telcos to range the phone. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Nick’s at IFA courtesy of Sony