I Can’t Have A Bat-Utility Belt

But I can make it sound as though I’m Batman. It’s an important first step.

When I was a kid, I always wanted Batman’s utility belt. Who wouldn’t? That thing is the gadget of gadgets. Being attacked by an exploding shark? You can bet there’s some Bat-Anti-Exploding-Shark-Spray in there. Need a portable computer decades before they were feasible? Bat-belt had one. Gotham city’s water supply turned to Jello due to the Joker’s latest nefarious scheme? It’ll have a spoon somewhere.

The problem is, even as an adult, I can’t have a Bat Utility belt, even as my midriff starts to resemble that of Adam West. Budget plays a part, as I’m not a wealthy billionaire playboy. At least, not yet.

Over at Topless Robot, they’ve detailed the next best thing, or at least an important first step on the way to my own Bat-belt. A collection of just about every DC comics superhero TV theme on CD, due out later this year. So I can’t have my utility belt, but at least I can load up my iPod with a variety of bat-themes – some dating back more than 60 years – to let folks know I’m coming. Or, if I want them to run away screaming, the theme to the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show.

[Topless Robot]

Image credit: Mindmatrix

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