Internode Joins The 1TB Plan Brigade… Without Off-Peak Times

Realistically, 1TB of data is probably more than any one person could ever consume in a month. But all the 1TB plans we’ve heard about so far are actually more like two 500GB plans stapled together depending on when you’re using the net. But not with Internode’s new 1TB plan, which does away with the pesky notion of “off-peak”.

Internode’s 1TB plan will set you back $150 a month when bundled with a landline telephone service, but the ISP has also updated its other plans, including doubling data for its Easy Broadband plan from 50GB to 100GB for $50 a month, plus added 200GB and 300GB plans for $70 and $90 respectively (when bundled with a landline).

Unfortunately, both uploads and downloads are counted as part of the quota of these plans, although that’s something that is quickly becoming the norm with the growing data allowances. The plans will be available next week.