New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases

And it doesn’t take long for new cases to be spruiked. Five minutes, to be precise. Although there is at least a strong Aussie connection.

For the past decade, the only way to make serious money from iPods — presuming you’re not Steve Jobs — has been to be in the iPod accessory game. From iPod socks to iPod game controllers, there’s been a little bit of everything, whether you wanted it or not.

With today’s launch of new iPod Nano, Shuffle and Touch models, it was only a matter of time before all those cases that were being photographed in that distinctive slightly-out-of-focus style started actually becoming available. I’d figured that over the course of the day I’d get four to five releases stating that new cases were available.

Even I was a little surprised when, only five minutes after the official Apple press release — which always flies out over the ethernet as close to the end of the event as possible — I received the first release touting new cases. If you’re into patriotic pride, the company involved, Cygnett, is Aussie based, and from the looks of things, the cases they’re offering look to be reworks of their existing iPhone and iPod Touch cases. Full marks for first mover advantage — but they won’t be alone for terribly long.