Sony Launching Reader Apps For iOS and Android

 title=Flowing on from their recent announcement of their new eReaders, Sony has confirmed that they’ll be launching Android, iPhone and iPad apps for Reader by the end of the year.

Steve Haber, the head honcho of Sony’s global Reader division, told us:

“We’re developing and launching later this year is Android and iPhone and iPad mobile applications.

“As we get into wireless, you can sync up pages. But you also can do that with the PC application. What [the latest Sony Reader]comes with is a PC/Mac application, and that you will be able to sync up with a mobile device.

“Some people do read on their PCs – you can read the book on a PC. You want to manage your content on a PC, so you can sync pages between your mobile application and a PC or Mac. It’s just another choice, it’s just another option.”

For a company with a history of using proprietary systems locking your usage to their hardware, this approach is a welcome addition from Sony. Without 3G in the actual Readers, it’s not as complete a solution as the mobile Kindle applications, but it’s still versatile enough to make it useful.

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