History Of Boxee: Towards The Future

We’ve reached the final instalment in our History Of Boxee series, because we’re at the point where the Boxee Box is about to be released and it isn’t really history if you’re making predictions about the future rather than writing about what’s already happened. But there a couple of issues we should examine.

The Boxee Box will ship in mid-November, and first priority will go to customers who have placed a pre-order ahead of the on-sale date. Given that the device has been actively under discussion since January, there won’t necessarily be a shortage of those.

One topic which we haven’t touched on here is the unusual design of the Boxee Box, with its segment-removed-from-a-cube aesthetic. Some people love it; others are less enthused, and have begun speculating about possible future designs and form factors. Others are hoping the Boxee Box 2 will include a higher-speed Ethernet connection, more USB ports (and perhaps USB 3.0) or options for direct recording of TV programs.

But for now? If you’re already tempted by the world of the Boxee box, get a pre-order in. If you’re still keen to know more, Nick is meeting up with the D-Link crew next week and is taking reader questions with him. And you can always install the Boxee software on your computer to see how the interface works in action.