KISS HD TV Does Not Come With Gene Simmons Tongue Screen Cleaner

Apparently having their own branded Flip camera isn’t enough for some rock gods. KISS is rolling out its own brand of TVs, which were made for loving you, baby.

How do you produce a KISS-branded TV? Apparently, you offer a “diamond-plated look”, display an image of the band for eight seconds when the TV switches on, limit the whole thing to a 15,000 model run and charge like a wounded hooker. There’s four sizes: 32in ($US818.88), 42in (US$1188.88), 46in ($US1388.88), and 55in ($US1988.88, which also includes a bundled 32″ model).

Astonishingly, it’s not just a US offer; for an additional $US375 per television, you can get it shipped worldwide. Quite frankly, at that cost, unless you already own the KISS Kasket and have stolen a lock of Paul Stanley’s hair, you’re probably better off just heading to Kogan.

My favourite thing? Even at these prices, rock gods apparently make more margin flogging extended warranties than TVs themselves. The sets will ship in November.