Singapore Airlines Bringing In-Flight WiFi To Asia

Thank God! After years of sitting here, reading about airline after airline in the US launch in-flight Wi-Fi and longing for some local airline to bring the love to Australia, Singapore Airlines has announced this week that they’ll have in-flight internet access on selected flights starting next year.

The service, which will allow smartphone users to make and receive SMS messages as well as send and receive emails (and potentially make calls as well), will be “introduced progressively on flights operated by the Airline’s Airbus A380, Airbus A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft”. The service is being provided by OnAir, who apparently provide in-flight connectivity options for four out of five continents (I think the missing one might be Australia).

The fact they’re also considering allowing mobile phone calls is a little worrying, although the WiFi is a welcome addition. Now all we need is for the Aussie airlines to join the revolution and let me get my Internet on whenever I fly interstate.

[Singapore Airlines]