Is Channel Nine Bringing Hulu to Australia?

According to The Australian, PBL Media is in talks to launch Hulu here in Australia. But before you get all excited, about access to endless, free online entertainment, know that it’s probably going to be gimped from the start.

According to the Australian’s sources, the deal is in the final stages, and won’t impact any of the current licensing arrangements any of the US networks currently have in place with the Australian networks. What it does potentially offer is the back catalogue of programming from the 235 US content providers. The Oz also floats the idea that PBL – owners of Channel 9 – could potentially partner with Seven and Ten to offer current content online, although given the efforts both Seven and Ten are putting into their own online portals, this is probably unlikely.

Still, fingers crossed… Having a Hulu-like repository for classic TV shows is still a step forward in this digital entertainment backwater…

[The Australian via Lifehacker]