Abbott Demands NBN Be Scrapped To Pay For Queensland Floods

Well this has to be a new world record – it took almost a week after a natural disaster before the politicians decided it was time to try and score some cheap political points. Tony Abbott yesterday confronted media and called on the government to scrap the NBN in order to pay for the rebuilding in Queensland after the devastating floods last week.

“It is time for the government to stop spending on unnecessary projects so that it can start spending on unavoidable projects such as the reconstruction that will be needed in Queensland,” Abbott said, before singling out the NBN.

“The National Broadband Network is a luxury that Australia cannot now afford. The one thing you don’t do is redo your bathroom when your roof has just been blown off.”

How the Government pays for the clean up effort in Queensland is something that does need looking at, including how existing infrastructure is repaired and upgraded to survive future disasters. But Abbott’s kneejerk reaction to try and kick the NBN reeks of political posturing.

Maybe both the government and opposition should start their fundraising for Queensland’s repair bill by eradicating political advertising – That would have saved almost $27 million from last year’s federal election, for a start. And maybe put a freeze on payrises for politicians?

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