ABC Will Be Fast-Tracking Doctor Who This Year

Some good news for Doctor Who fans – according to an interview on TV Tonight, the ABC is planning on fast tracking the UK sci-fi show to Australian TV sets this year.

After the successful fast tracking of the Doctor Who Christmas special last month, the network is planning on continuing the trend with the next season of the show. In an interview with TV Tonight about ABC1’s plans for the year ahead, programmer Brendan Dahill said:

“Australians are great downloaders and they don’t want to wait until Easter to see a Christmas episode, so if we can get it out straight away we will.”

What makes the claim believable is his explanation that he isn’t tied down by ratings seasons:

“It’s an indication that when I say the ratings season isn’t important to me, it really isn’t important to me -otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted a show like Dr. Who there. It’s important that it goes out at the right time, not during somebody else’s ratings season.”

Given how broad the term “fast-tracked” can be used depending on which network uses it, we’re really hoping that the ABC means it in its purest form. In any case, it’s worth heading over to TV Tonight to have a read of what the ABC has in store for 2011.

[TV Tonight via Lifehacker]