LG Mobile Planning 3D Smartphone Launch For July

At CES LG showed us more than one solid new Android phone. Another on show, as yet unnamed, was wearing a glasses-free 3D screen. And if all goes to plan we should be seeing it hit the market in July this year.

With the update this morning that the nvidia Tegra 2 3D Processor will be launching very soon, it seems likely this is what will be running under the hood. LG told us they’re currently working to get a 3D camera system built into the phone so you can grab your own 3D content to enjoy on the device — presumably while you’re waiting for commercial 3D offerings to become available on such a portable platform.

According to Nathan Dunn, General Manager of Mobile for LG Electronics Australia, the 3D smartphone should also be running on a big 4.3-inch display though it will fit into a profile only slightly larger than the Optimus 2X. While no mention was made of the Tegra 2 3D Processor, Dunn did tell us the phone would be running a dual-core processor.

As noted in the Tegra 2 3D news, this may also be using a more advanced parallax technology than the typical parallax barrier that will be used on the Nintendo 3DS.