MacBook Airs May Get Sandy Bridge Soon (And Why You Should Care)

CNET reports that we can expect to see a MacBook Air refresh sometime this (northern) summer, with Apple’s superlight line of katana laptops being bumped up to Intel’s media savvy Sandy Bridge processors. We should all be so lucky.

The current Airs are by all measures crazy competent machines, but there’s no overlooking the fact that they were shipped with outdated Core 2 Duo guts. The reason? Intel’s Core i- line’s graphics just weren’t up to snuff. But Sandy Bridge? That’s a different story.

Sandy Bridge – despite being majorly delayed by a recently discovered design flaw – has graphics powers that far supersede anything Intel’s done before. It’s apparently good enough, in fact, that Apple may trust it to power its show ponies.

Also reportedly getting a Sandy Bridge update are Apple’s MacBook Pros, which should be hitting as early as March.

The bottom line, though? As pretty as that MacBook Air looks in the window, wait a few months for when it’s flying even higher. [CNET]

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