The Orb-Shaped Speakers That Look Like Planets

For superstitious audiophiles, these spherical Elipson Planet L speakers could augment the cosmic karma in your rooms. For everyone else, well, they at least decorate your space and make it look pretty neat.

The Planet L speakers feature a coaxial 2-way speaker and a 165mm treated paper-cone mid/woofer, mechanisms that the folks at Elipson claim are the results of 2 years’ worth of meticulous R&D efforts. The speakers come in three lacquer finishes: red, white, and black. And weighing in at a hefty 15.4 pounds each, it’s rather tricky and possibly dangerous if you’re thinking of hanging them from your ceilings and walls. You’ll probably be better off ordering the optional stands made for them by the Elipson designer team.

At $US965 a pair though, it seems like a fair enough price to gussy up your living room into something a bit more sophisticated and worldly. [Elipson via Born Rich]