Gerry Harvey (Finally) Dragging His Tired, Old Bones Online

 title=If Gerry Harvey is to be believed, nobody can make a dollar from the internet. But that isn’t going to stop this true Australian hero from trying, for the love of meat pies and barbecues. Harvey Norman is going online.

It seems that the 21st century is dragging Harvey online, kicking and screaming. As Harvey told Meredith Booth from the Herald Sun:

“By this time next year you’ll see Harvey Norman with a pretty sizeable internet presence. My heart’s beating very strongly on whether we make any money out of it.

“I haven’t got any choice. I’ve got to cannibalise our stores.”

Poor Gerry! Forced to eat his own kind just to get by. What’s worse is that there’s no guarantee he’ll satisfy his craving for human flesh bricks and mortar retail stores.

“They’re kicking us on the internet at the moment but there’s no history of anyone making money on it.

Really? Surely there are plenty of online-only companies making a profit out there. It’ sad that a businessman like Gerry Harvey has to be forced to move into the 21st century, when it’s clear he doesn’t want to be there.

Now, who’s going to offer to give Gerry a virtual hug in the form of an online purchase? Or are all your money-hugs reserved for companies who want to hug you back?


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