New Panasonic Projector Lets You Wirelessly Project From iOS Devices*

 title=As we discovered on our recent reader meetup adventure across the east coast, cables are the bane of the powerpoint projector. Panasonic is offering a workaround solution with two of its new projectors, by simultaneously launching an app on iOS that lets you wirelessly present from your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

The PT-FW430 and PT-FX400 projectors both support the wireless projection app, with the former offering 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and 3500 lumens compared to the 1024 x 768 resolution and 4000 lumens brightness of the latter.

The free app allows users to project PDFs and JPEGs wirelessly, but it’s not an Airplay solution so there’s no wireless HD video streaming unfortunately. The app lets you control the presentation by swiping, pinching to zoom and rotating the image using the iOS touchscreen.

The catch – isn’t there always a catch? – is that both projectors require an additional wireless module in order to allow wireless streaming. We’re not sure how much that wireless module costs yet, but both projectors are worth $3,499.