Do Android Fans Prefer iPads?

iPad rivals may finally be nearing the quality we demand, but according to data collected by Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley, Android fans still prefer the iPad when it comes to tablets. Oh no he didn’t…

“Our smartphone and handset checks indicate iPads are selling better to Android smartphone users than the current Android tablets,” he said. “As a result, we argue that consumers purchasing a tablet are more likely to remain in that ecosystem…”

Canaccord Genuity’s report argues that iPad popularity has reached the point that rivals must come in substantially cheaper to gain any real traction. The analysts believe that Apple’s biggest tablet threats will be Android models from Samsung, Asus and Amazon.

See Let’s look at that a little closer. We hear Samsung is working on Retina displays for tablets, we know Asus straight up has tablet fever (and may be planning some Tegra 3 action), and Amazon’s tablet feels like this year’s worst kept secret. More: What’s Next For Tablets: The Mega Rumour Roundup

Interesting that there’s no BlackBerry or WebOS/HP love in the report; no mention of Sony or Dell, either. Microsoft isn’t discounted, though. “We also believe a Windows tablet in [the second half of 2012]could sell well…” That timeframe would match previous Windows 8 tablet rumbings we’ve covered here at Giz.

And the current state of play? The research projects that Apple’s US tablet share will reach 56% in 2011, followed by Samsung (12%), and Asus (5%). RIM, Motorola and LG are expected to tie at around 3%, ahead of HTC on 2%. They also reckon Amazon’s tablet will steal 5% share by Christmas, even though it’s only rumoured to arrive in August. More on the report at eWeek.

So I’ll ask the question to those of you thinking about picking up a tablet soon. How do you feel about the iPad 2 versus the current crop of competition? Devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.v, Xoom and Iconia A500 — or others like the Playbook, Touchpad, AT100 and EeePad line? Things are getting interesting, that’s for sure.

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