Wreck This For iOS Lets You Scribble Like A Sloppy Kid Again

At its heart, the iPad is supposed to be fun. Hell, life is supposed to be fun! Wreck This is an app that gives you silly tasks to accomplish on the iPad screen with nary a reason why. Sure I’ll scribble all over this

What’s it do?

Wreck This is a wonderful time killer. Imagine it as a children’s doodle book where you’re presented with basic instructions on each page (draw lines, tap the screen, colour the page, doodle on the margins of the page) which you can follow or well, not. It’s really up to you. And that’s the appeal of it, hand this to any kid under seven and watch their eyes light up. Hand this to someone who’s stuck on a train and they might surprise you with the art they come up with. It’s a guided but open-ended notebook, where what you create is up to you.

Why do we like it?

There are times when I’m in a drawing app and I have no idea what to do anymore. Inevitably, I close it and do something decidedly less fun. I’m not an artist, I need some inspiration, some push to get me going. Wreck This gives me that sliiight push (which is all that’s necessary, really) and I’m off scribbling away. If I don’t like the current task, I just flip to the next page and start anew. The app isn’t meant for serious artists but it’s perfect for people who need brainless activities to unwind or need to find some bit of inspiration.

Wreck This

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