Rumour: Oct 4 Is iPhone 5 Day

October 4. That’s when Apple’s announcing the iPhone 5, according to All Things D. A little later than most of us expected, or hoped. And it’s probably more than just the iPhone 5. iOS 5. iPods. iCloud’s big launch.

But if the release window for the iPhone 5 is within a few weeks of the announcement, that still puts it out squarely in October, a little over a month from now. Or at least I hope so, I need a new phone. Mine’s got more crack going on than Marion Barry’s office.

Anyway! So what can we expect? Well, depending on which track of rumours you follow/believe, the iPhone 5 might look like this (like so) with a bigger screen. But there’s also an apparent redesign of the iPhone 4 going around with fresh A5 guts, but it may or may not be a revamp that’ll to be Apple’s cheapo phone.

Though, one small dent in this October 4 rumour party might be that Moscone, Apple’s traditional venue, is apparently booked by Oracle on that date, according to ZDNet’s Jason Hiner. (Update: I didn’t have enough coffee when I wrote that. Moscone’s for WWDC with thousands of attendees, this is gonna be way smaller, so more likely is Yerba Buena, where Apple debuted the iPad, or just Apple’s campus. Or you know, on the moon.) Worst case scenario: You’ll have to wait until Christmas shopping season to buy a new iPhone. But it’ll get here. [All Things]