iPhone 4S: Siri Australian Accent Test [Video]

Has Apple stuck anything sneaky and new into the iPhone 4S box? Does Siri really understand an Australian accent? With our hands on a sparkling new iPhone 4S, it was time to get some answers for these questions.

First of all came time to unpack the iPhone 4S. Sure, unboxings are a bit of an Internet cliché, but they’re also a tradition, and who am I to mess with tradition?

And then it was time to test Siri, Apple’s “magic” voice control technology.

Note: This is a light-hearted look at our first out of the box tests. There’s lots more coming from Giz on the Siri front — most importantly a deep-dive into the Siri features Apple has baked into iOS 5.

This needs more testing, but for now, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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