About That Rapping Windows Phone 7 Fangirl…

Those rapping Windows Phone 7 fangirls were just a pack of ad women in search of some attention? Not surprising, I suppose. Though hearing the main, um, emcee’s side of the story as the focal point of commenter rage is interesting, to say the least.

In a post for the Hairpin, Emily Teachout, an employee at a Seattle-based ad firm and the girl in the pink sweater, offers up her side of the story.

I performed it, my coworker Tweeted it, we mostly forgot about the whole ordeal. Until that fateful day last week when some random Twitter user submitted the video to Gizmodo. I received a barrage of amused emails and texts before I could even finish reading the article. This small sample selection of reactions is an accurate representation:

“Ummmm looks like you’re famous. Can’t believe I have friends emailing me about you.”

“Teachout – your video is on break.com you are famous!!! Nice rap, miss when you use to rap for us”

” i knew those raps in jr high were prepping you for something big.”

“please tell me this isn’t you.”

“You are an internet sensation. I enjoyed the feedback comments from your viewers!”

That last one was from my dad. DAD! DAAAAD. It’s comforting to know my father is aware of the fact that everyone on the internet thinks I have stripper boobs. Sorry, family!

Naturally, a flood of comments came in, and it being the internet and all, had some pretty awful remarks.

“Shut up and show us your boobs already.”

“holy shit! STFU!!! Make me a sandwich, show me your tits, and again, just STFU!!!”

“This is what happens when you trap 4 strippers in a room and pay them NOT to take off their clothes.”

On the one hand, it’s true that the video is far to silly to generate the amount of seemingly genuine rage and vitriol that it did. And Teachout admirably took it in stride. That said, regardless of her “passion” for rap, a little part of hip-hop did, in fact, die when this video came into existence. [The Hairpin]

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