This Ginormous Gummi Bear Is Making Me Hungry

I believe it was a wise, wise man who once said “Mmmm… Gummi”. But how much Gummi is too much? You might be tempted to say that there is no limit. I think this bear breaks that.

The Gummi — OK, for trademark reasons, it’s a “gummy” — bear featured in this video is real, and you can buy it.

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t.

It’s listed as 26 pounds (which makes it 11.79kg) and 32,000 calories and it’ll set you back $US200. I’m not entirely up on my calorie counting, but that would be something like half a month’s worth of calorie intake, give or take. In a single bear. I’m sure I’d be sick of Gummi before I was even halfway through the head, but I’m still somewhat stupidly tempted.

It does come with an integrated bowl, so I could always put something healthy in there. Like, say, more gummi. Just don’t tell my dentist about it, OK? [Vat 19 via Geekosystem]