Sonos Updates Software, Promises Android Tablet Control

Sonos, makers of wireless stereo systems, announced a system software update today that promises a host of new features as well as deeper integration with two of the internet’s largest streaming music providers. Here’s what’s new.

The biggest addition is that Sonos’ Controller for Android has been optimised for tablets running OS 2.2 or higher. That means you can now adjust your music from a Kindle Fire, HTC Flyer, Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Sony Tablet S. It also includes a new alarm feature, library management tools and Twitter connectivity.

The update also heralds the arrival of the Slacker Radio to the Sonos systems of North American users. The free version of the service will offer 150 preset stations and can be upgraded to Plus — which eliminates ads — or Premium — which includes on-demand music access and custom play lists. Spotify users will see tighter integration as well by now providing them access to their Spotify Inbox and the ability to play New Releases and Top Tracks. Other tweaks include new AAC+ support and a beta sandbox. [Sonos]