The Best Breaking News Stories Of The Year

It has been quite a year: From the revolution in Egypt to a catastrophic tragedy in Japan to the passing of an iconic tech pioneer. Here’s some of our best coverage of the big stories that changed your world.

1. Steve Jobs Is Dead

Steve Jobs is dead. The Apple chairman and former CEO who made personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital animation mass-market products passed away today. We’re going to miss him

2. It’s Official: Fukushima Was Hit With A Nuclear Meltdown

The flow of bad news (and radiation) out of Fukushima’s reactors has diminished to a trickle over the past several weeks, as rescue work has proceeded. Not today. TEPCO’s admitted for the first time that Fukushima experienced a grave meltdown.

3. Apple’s Appeal Rejected, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 On Sale By Christmas

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple over the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia seems to be over, with the High Court today rejecting Apple’s leave to appeal. That means you’ll be able to buy a Tab for Christmas.

4. Twitter Gripped By Sydney Girl With ‘Collar Bomb’ Around Neck

Police had tried for 10 hours to defuse the bomb, that by most reports, was forcibly strapped to an 18 year old schoolgirl — with a ransom note — in an apparent extortion attempt. Traditional TV and radio news outlets had only run scattered updates since the evening news, so an astonished public turned to Twitter in droves.

5. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Apple’s board of directors announced today that Steve Jobs has resigned as the company’s CEO. Tim Cook has been named CEO and Jobs has taken a position as chairman of the board.

6. What’s Actually Inside the Tear Gas Being Used In Egypt?

The tear gas grenades being used to quell protestors in Egypt are actually made right here in the USA. They’re intended to cause “tearing of the eyes” and “irritation of respiratory tract and mucous membranes”. What’s inside the tear gas?

7. Apple Event Meta Liveblog: All The News As It Happened

Wow that was an early start. Alex and Danny kicked off Gizmodo Australia’s meta-liveblog at 4am AEDT to bring you the best coverage coverage from our amazing friends around the web, along with Australian-specific news, availability and pricing. Here’s how it all went down.

8. HP Killing webOS Devices

HP announced that it’s killing off its line of webOS devices. What does this mean for everyone who already owns webOS devices?

9. This Is War: Watch the Libyan Revolution Explode Through The Lens Of A Helmet Cam — Part 1

Humphrey Cheung worked in tech journalism and IT for years. Then, this spring, he had enough. But instead of switching jobs, he strapped on a digital camera, armour, and flew to Libya. This is what a real rebellion looks like.

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