The Best Drum Machine Is One You Can Wear

Here’s the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the musician in your life: a t-shirt with a built in drum machine.

Whether they’re a busker in need of a backing track, or an annoying nephew who’s keen to lay down some hip-hop beats, this shirt’s what you need to get them.

Using pressure-sensitive pads mounted on the chest, it’s possible to tap out your beats, which are then played through a belt-mounted amp and speaker — which cranks all the way up to 11. It lets you choose from eight different drum kits, from rock, through jazz, to our favorite: the classic Roland TR-808 synth.

It even has an inbuilt recorder, which lets you layer and build loops up to three minutes long, like the guy in the video on the left. The folks who share a subway carriage with someone wearing this shirt are going to love that.

It costs $US30, and is available from Think Geek. Just remember to tell whoever you buy it for that it’s machine washable. [Think Geek via Endgadget]