95,200 Pieces Of Chewed Gum Make Up The World’s Largest And Grossest Gumball

That gigantic yellow stained ball of goopness? It’s made from 95,200 piece of chewed Nicorette gum. It’s the love creation of Barry Chappell, who started rolling his chewed gum into a ball back in 2006. Six years later, it’s now 62 inches in circumference and weighs 175 pounds of rubber, saliva and nastiness. People are crazy.

When I first saw this gigantic gumball, I thought some wacky candy shop made one super large piece of candy to attract some attention. Little did I know it was one man, ripping through all this Nicorette gum and piecing the entire thing himself. Here’s how it all started, Chappell had quit smoking when his son was born and picked up Nicorette gum instead. And then:

It all started on a long flight to Europe in 2006-Chappell had nowhere to throw away the piece of gum he was chewing, so he rolled it into a tiny ball. Throughout the flight the ball slowly grew, as layer after layer was carefully moulded upon the last. By the time the flight landed, Chappell vowed to create the world’s largest gumball!

Chappell has a pretty strict formula for adding gum to the gumball that involves heating, kneading, stretching and melting. Check it out:

Again. People are freaking weird. [Art and Coin TV via BuzzFeed]