Did The Government Hack Scott Ludlam’s iPhone?

Have you ever had your mobile phone battery drain faster than normal while escorting an infamous internet activist around Melbourne? If you answered yes, it turns out you could be getting hacked by the government.

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam found his iPhone draining three times faster than usual last friday as he was escorting former WikiLeaks associate Jacob Appelbaum around Melbourne. It was dead by 10am, which prompted Appelbaum to suggest that the phone may have been intercepted and the transmitter turned on remotely in order to record his conversations with the activist and his location.

Given Appelbaum’s tech savviness, Ludlam believes it entirely possible the government was hacking his phone, despite ASIO’s assurance that such an act would require a warrant. The Senator is yet to decide whether he plans to take the matter further, although if true, it’s a scary prospect for just how Orwellian our government has become.