How The US Army Trains Soldiers For IED Attacks

Not all of the US military’s simulators are designed for pilots. At the Camp Atterbury Joint manoeuvre Training centre combatants can now experience what it’s like when an improvised explosive device goes off, and how to deal with the aftermath.

Instead of a fighter plane, soldiers sit in an armoured Humvee surrounded with high definition projection screens. Out the windows they see the simulated countryside of where they’re being deployed, but what they don’t see are the sound and percussion devices that accurately recreate the shock and turmoil of an IED blast.

Smoke and noise help to disorient the soldiers, fully engaging their senses while they train on what to do next — which usually involves safely fleeing the area. And besides giving soldiers-in-training an idea of what an IED blast feels like, the simulator can also help them spot where an explosive device might be hidden, and how to safely navigate areas where the threat might be particularly high. [US Army via TG Daily]