Jays Headset Control App Gives Your Headphones Much More Control

If you have a pair of headphones with a single in-line button for play/pause, you’ll undoubtedly be frustrated by the lack of control, no matter how good the sound is. The good news is that if you’re an Android user, earphone company Jays has an app that will add full control over your music using a single in-line button.

Called Jays Headset Control, the free app lets you dictate how the one button can be used to control all aspects of your music playback, from volume to skipping or rewinding tracks. Depending on the number of button presses, you can even manually determine what button press combo does what function on your Android device.

But best of all, the app works with any Android-compaytible headphones, not just those from Jays. It doesn’t work with the three button sets designed for Apple devices, but given you’re on Android, that’s not going to bother you, is it?

[AndroidThanks Sam!]

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