Transparent TV: Insanely Cool, But Why?

That’s my hand. It’s behind the Haier Designer Transparent TV. Yeah, a TV that you can see through. Cool. Super cool. Super duper cool, even. But why?

There was a meeting at Haier, the #1 Brand in the World*, where someone said, “Hey, let’s make a see-through television”. Everyone nodded in agreement, and here it is. Haier plans on revealing the transparent television on Spike TV tonight with the sometimes-dashing-but-always-charming Sam Biddle.

OK, the television isn’t totally worthless. You can put your hand puppets into your favourite show. Hey look, it’s Mr Socky solving crimes on CSI.

*I have no idea how this company makes this claim. Maybe they’re using see-through rulers to measure it. [Haier]