USB-Powered Massager Can Be Synced To Your Tunes

Osim is best known for its far-from-portable massage chairs. So for relief on the go the company created this electronic muscle stimulator called the uPixie that’s powered and controlled by a USB dongle.

Like any EMS massager the uPixie uses pads attached to the skin which stimulate your muscles through small electrical currents, providing stress relief as well as toning. By default it lets you choose from four different types of stimulation routines, depending on whether you’re looking to relax or get in shape, but you can also program your own with up to 20 different intensity levels.

And if you’re the type who likes to work out to music, because the $US170 uPixie is tethered to a PC you can even set it to react to whatever songs you’re listening to. Kind of like a haptic version of your media player’s funky visualisations that improves your health instead of just giving you a splitting headache. [Osim via Gizmag]

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