Telstra Selling 32GB HTC One XL (4G) June 5

OK, it’s not exactly been a secret in any case, but Telstra’s just sent out the release confirming that it’s going to sell the HTC One XL from June 5th on a $59 plan.

I’ve already had some solid hands-on time with an HTC One XL, so I know how fast it is — you can read my full review here. The one big difference between the import model I tested and the “local” model is that the local version will have 32GB of onboard storage, which does cover off one of the major concerns I had about the import handset and its low storage allowance, especially as there’s no microSD slot on the One XL.

In plan terms, Telstra will offer the One XL on a $59 plan with a $6/month handset repayment over 24 months; that gives it a minimum cost overall of $1560. Telstra’s also offering a pre-order bonus on the One XL, with the first 300 customers who order getting a set of Beats Solo Headphones. [Telstra]