Just How Resilient Is A Bulletproof Vest?

In addition to concocting some of the most original and dangerous-looking weaponry the internet has to offer, slingshot master Joerg Sprave also likes to conduct the occasional science experiment. And if you’ve ever wondered just how well body armour can protect you, Joerg has the answer.

Sprave tested a German police ballistic vest that’s rated to protect against bullets (handgun ammo) and knives with a small sampling of his past creations — and a samurai sword. Being hit by the projectiles from any of these weapons is certainly going to hurt, even while wearing this vest, but it was surprisingly only his throwing-knife slingshot that managed to pierce the armour and cause any serious injury. So the lesson to be learnt here is that if you ever come across a bald, angry German brandishing a throwing-knife slingshot, it’s best to head the other way no matter what you’re wearing. But that’s just common sense, right? [YouTube]