No, Samsung Did Not Pay The Apple Patent Penalty In 5c Coins

There seems to be a misunderstanding here, everyone. There’s a story going round that Samsung paid the $US1.05 billion penalty set by a US court for copying Apple gear by carting 30 truckloads of five-cent coins to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino today. Let’s stop talking about this right now. Set course for using our common sense, warp factor 11…engage!.

That’s right. The fun fact you may have been parading around the office this morning is a hoax, purported by a site very similar to The Onion.

The site where the reports originated is called El Deforma and it’s a satirical news site based in Mexico.

Here’s the fake report (translated via Google):

This morning came more than 30 trucks filled with coins of 5 cents to the headquarters of Apple in California , in a home security company that protects the facility and said it was diverted in the wrong place, but minutes Later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a similar call from her and explaining that Samsung pay them a trillion dollars for the fine to the court recently ruled against the South Korean company.

In the words of many experts, the signed document does not specify a single payment mode, so Samsung is entitled to send him to the creators of the iPhone its billions of dollars as they deem best.

You can read the full story on El Deforma.

By the power vested in me as Gizmodo Australia’s editor, I give you permission to laugh brazenly in the faces of anyone caught reporting this story as real news. Short of that, just encourage them to apply common sense to the situation.

Image: Dekay.

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