The New MySpace Looks Genuinely Amazing

Let’s face it. Nobody misses MySpace. It’s been the butt of the internet’s jokes for the better part of five years now after being bought for $US580 million by News Corporation and on-sold six years later for just $US35 million. Despite the laughs, the MySpace team have been busy, and the fancy new pre-launch trailer and a sexy front page has me wanting the first, great super-network back in my life.

New.MySpace.Com is where the shiny new front page lives, and it sports a spinning record and a signup box inviting you to register your interest in the relaunched social network. Just what are you signing up for though?

In a word? Beauty.

Imagine if the Windows 8 Metro interface — or whatever it’s called now — was used in a social media setting. Your friend’s pictures are beautiful bordered tiles, text boxes float above transparent panes placed on high-resolution feature images, and browsing and discovering music is like a grown-up version of Grooveshark.

Artists can communicate with their most influential fans around the world, sharing photos looks amazing and even curated news looks incredible. Profiles feature your picture front and centre and navigation around the site is achieved by a sleek black bar on the top left hand side of the page. The feed scrolls horizontally rather than vertically and albums feature not just photos, but song playlists, too. It’s all so fancy.

Why can’t everything on the internet look like this?!

The trailer MySpace have given us is half a demo for the new site and half a plug for Justin Timberlake’s back catalogue. Timberlake is actually a co-owner of the site now, but I digress. Regardless, it shows just how much work the team has been doing to restore MySpace to its former glory.

No more HTML profile mods, no more top 8, no more clutter. Just a beautiful-looking place to lounge about and manage your social circles. Honestly, it looks more like a trendy vodka bar than it does a social network.

I’m already waiting on my registration email. Come on already! Anything to get me out of Facebook.

Watch the video in full screen so you can see just how beautiful it all looks. Just…wow.

What do you think of New MySpace?

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