What Animals Can You Outrun? Find Out With RunKeeper And Notch

If you don’t exercise as regularly as you should, finding the motivation to get into a daily or weekly routine can be difficult. Apps can help with that, providing you with fitness plans and milestones to hit, but if that’s not enough, then it might be time to compare your abilities to that of the animal kingdom. Nothing like finding out you’re speeds are in sloth territory to kick start a new regime.

If you’ve ever wanted to know if you can outrun a cheetah, panda or ocelot, RunKeeper, a popular exercise app for iOS and Android, has teamed up with health infographic providers Notch, to analyse your RunKeeper data and spit out a humorously presented answer.

With your data submitted, Notch will transform it into something resembling the above visualisation, which it calls “In The Long Run”. It’s free to sign up and once you have, you can link either RunKeeper or FitBit into the service.

Even if you don’t use it for any practical purpose, it’s definitely good for a laugh.


Image: Notch.me