This Creepy Website Lets You Outsource Your Dating Problems To The Internet

If you’ve never heard of WotWentWrong, count yourself lucky. It’s a creepy online dating service that lets you send your failed dates an exit interview of sorts that lets you know everything wrong with the way you’re doing things. It’s sort of like He’s Just Not That Into You meets the 21st century with a dash of creep thrown in. WotWentWrong now has a new service that lets you outsource your dating problems to the internet behind your partner’s back so you can appear to be someone who has it all together. Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable about this?

It’s called Impressions, and it lets you log on and anonymously share everything you like and dislike about the person you’re currently dating, behind their back. You share the problems you’re having with other members of the anonymous online community and they give you advice on how you can approach the situation differently.

Perhaps you should have got flowers, or listened more attentively, or not checked out three other girls right in front of your date. All of this is useful advice, but it smacks of creep.

WotWentWrong makes the anonymity of the Impressions service a feature in its explanatory video:

The beauty of it was, he was doing all of this anonymously! His dates never knew he was getting all this great advice from a bunch of strangers.

On the one side of the coin, it’s offering a service to people who want to trick their significant others into thinking they’re a solid relationship choice. On the other, it’s outsourcing the friend that you used to bitch to when things went sideways in your relationships.

Creepy or handy?

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