Google Nexus 4 Sold Out In 15 Minutes In Germany

Yesterday, much to the chagrin of those expecting an email notification first, Google’s Nexus 4 handset went on sale around the world on the Google Play Store. It sold out in Australia within the hour, but the most rabid country for the new Nexus handset was Germany. Germans bought up stock of the Nexus so fast that the tech giant was flush out of stock within 15 minutes.

According to The Next Web, German-demand for the Nexus 4 peaked 15-minutes after it went on sale. The device in both the 16GB and 8GB models were back on “Notify Me” mode (meaning they had sold out), almost as quickly as they had arrived.

US Nexus 4 sales were done and dusted within 50-minutes. Not quite topping the German record, but beating out us Aussies.

Google has confirmed that rabid demand for the new Nexus has sold the device out in several countries, including Australia. No word yet on when the devices will get back on store shelves. [The Next Web]