BlackBerry Just Hired Alicia Keys

Do celebs sell phones? BlackBerry is certainly hoping so with the announcement that it just hired Grammy-award winning musician Alicia Keys as its Global Creative Director. But it’s not just Alicia: she brings with her other celebs, too.

Alicia spoke with CEO Thorsten Heins about her break-up with BlackBerry:

I was in a long-term relationship with BlackBerry, then I noticed hotter, more attractive sexier phones at the gym. So I broke up with you for a while. I missed the way you organised my life, so I carried two phones and played the field a bit. But then you gave me a call, told me you’d been working out. Now I’m happy to announce we’re exclusively dating again!

She’s already working on her first project, too.

People like Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman are working with BlackBerry in what’s called the “Keep Moving” project. Spearheaded by Alicia Keys, the Keep Moving project is essentially about getting famous people on board with the platform to make it sexy again.

Seriously, though: it’s about putting a documentary together about how celebs are using their BlackBerry 10 devices.