Samsung Galaxy S4: Full Australian Pricing [Updated]

Samsung has finally taken the covers off the local launch details for the Galaxy S4 flagship. We’ve already taken a look at how it stacks up in our first hands-on, but how much is it, and where can you get it? We’ve got the low-down.

Update: Kogan has now priced the Galaxy S4. Scroll to the bottom to see the new outright prices.

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Telstra will carry the Galaxy S4 on its 4G network both on plan and outright.

Telstra will offer the Galaxy S4 on its $80 Freedom Connect plan, with a $7 mobile repayment per month on a 24 month contract.

That $80 Freedom Connect plan gets you $800 worth of standard national calls and MMS, as well as unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1.5GB of data.

The device will be in store from Saturday, 27 April.


Vodafone will also be offering the Galaxy S4 as the flagship device on its upcoming 4G network.

The telco will offer the S4 for an extra $5 per month on its $60 Plan on a 24-month contract.

That gets you infinite standard calls to Vodafone and 3 phones, infinite standard and international text messaging, as well as $700 included value for standard and international calls as well as 1.5GB of included data.

Vodafone is also offering bonus data with its Galaxy S4 plans. Sign up and you get an extra 1GB of data every month for 12 months of your 24 month contract on a $60 plan or above.

Vodafone will be opening pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 at 9am (AEST) on Wednesday 24 April.


Optus will carry the Galaxy S4 on its 4G network, too. It’s a 4G-fest!

Optus will carry the device for an additional $7 per month with a $60 Plan on a 24 month contract.

That $60 Plan gets you $650 worth of included calls, unlimited national text messaging, free unlimited calls to Optus Mobiles and it throws in 1.5GB of included data.

The device will be in stores from 27 April.

Optus is also leaning on its partnership with Qantas, and will offer customers who upgrade to a $60 plan or higher with the Galaxy S4 8000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. It’s also holding in-store events at Sydney Central, Parramatta, Bondi Junction, Bourke Street, Highpoint, Chadstone, Tea Tree Plaza, Hay Street, Queen Street and Chermside.

Virgin Mobile

Optus MVNO, Virgin Mobile, isn’t about to miss out on the Galaxy S4 fun, offering the device from 27 April on the $59 Big Plan.

The $59 Big Cap includes $700 worth of calls and texts as well as 3GB worth of 4G data. In a crazy development, however, the device will only cost you $2 extra per month on a 24-month contract, making Virgin the best deal in the country for Galaxy S4 handsets right now. That $2 is only if you’re an existing Virgin Mobile customer. For new connections and port-ins you’ll be looking at a $7 repayment option. That’s still a pretty great deal.

It has the most data, a huge amount of calls and the cheapest handset repayments on Optus’ 4G network. I say that’s your pick for the budget conscious.


Samsung is opening pre-orders from Wednesday 23 April at its Experience Stores in Sydney and Melbourne for the device, which will cost $899 outright. Kogan also has the Galaxy S4 outright for a much cheaper price than Samsung is offering.

Kogan will sell you a Galaxy S4 for $739.