What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Turns out failing to meet roll-out targets that you promised to a major client like NBN Co is bad for business. Who knew?

Service Stream — one of the companies involved in the Syntheo joint-venture with Lend Lease (you know, the one that set the NBN roll-out back) — will go into a trading halt until June 24 to assess a review undertaken into the joint-venture.

NBN roll-out dramas continue as work on certain sites stopped this week so that staff could be trained in the correct handling and removal of asbestos. Between letting that stuff into the open and getting internet quicker, I’m siding with the former.

AAPT, iiNet and Optus, meanwhile are kicking up a stink about how Telstra will handle confidential information it receives as a result of its placement in the NBN. The three wrote to the ACCC this week to tell them just how concerned they were that Telstra would take confidential information relating to the NBN and share it with its Retail business unit, leading to anti-competitive marketing and pricing practices.

Don’t be fooled by all the bad press, however: the NBN roll-out is advancing in a place you’ve probably never heard of. Aspley in Queensland got the NBN this week.

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